DIY leather tassel keychain

Aug, 31, 2014
DIY leather tassel keychain

As the days here in Austria are already getting shorter and colder and as I’m getting more and more sluggish because of my growing bump, more time is left for DIYs and other projects. So here comes a little DIY for rainy Sundays like today… I like pretty keychains and this is an absolutely elegant version which is also easy to make. It’s a tassel keychain made of leather.

You will need: leather, keyring, pen, ruler, scissors, leather glue, clip, rubber band

Start by cutting two strips of leather – one that measures 8 cm x 0,5 cm and one that measures 25 cm x 9 cm.
Fold the smaller strip in half and through the keyring. Apply glue to the ends of the strip and affix them to each other. Fix it with the clip and leave to dry.
Use the ruler and the pen to mark 0,5 cm wide fringes on the bigger piece of leather and cut them. Leave a 2 cm strip uncut on one long side!
Apply glue on one end and affix the short strip with the keyring.
Begin rolling the fringed piece tightly around the smaller strip, applying glue at some points.
Glue the end of the fringed strip down onto itself. Fix it with a rubber band and leave to dry.
That’s it!


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20. August 2014

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